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Music Production

Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 1st

Music is a very tough game. There are many facets of the Music industry not only making a mainstream act come to life, but digitally mastering your own music. itself in projects uses all the tools for sound effects and music intros and samples to be used for the Web Site, Applications and Games.

We have many people who are into the Music Profession who are colleagues of ours and also connections to the real record labels.

If you are an Artist or know an Artist who you feel has real potential and needs to get into a studio and record. Maybe the Artist already has released their own work and it just hasn't got to the right hands yet.

This could be a very lucrative proposition for all parties involved and if we felt the Artist had real potential  we can make the contact to the real labels and maybe break a star.

If you feel you are either producing soundclips, sound effects, setting music or are a viable ground breaking Act. You may want ot read the Knowledge Base article Submitting a Request and do so. You also may want to read the Knowledge Base article Professional Services. There are certain legal reasons that reading the Professional Services article will make sense to the Artist. Especially on how important it would to establish a Simple Legal Business relationship.

If you are a company or entity wanting to provide audio bytes or surrounding effects and music for with regards to some of its projects. Once again please Submit a Request and the correct Support Representative will handle the issue.

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