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Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 1st Search and Internet Utilities was launched in 2011 by CRS Chris A Russo Chief Development Engineer and Owner. All of the referenced projects were installed and customized to site standards and specificaions. The Search Engine was the only thing made public other than the Advertise with Us or Adserver, Pay per click campaign.

All of the other Utilities were in testing. They were being tested to see the stability and also how they would be referenced with Search Engines throughout the Internet without real effort or advertisement. Through very few contacts on FB and very few Business cards handed out over 100 countries found and were using Search.

In a matter of days there were 30,000 queries daily and growing. There were no references to any links for the Utilities as there is now this image found in the upper right hand corner  imgs  Clicking on this image from the Search Home Page shows the Utilities or Applications that are currently being deployed within the server and were deployed in 2011.

In 2011 many people in discussions wanted to use these Utilities, Applications or Services and were working on their concepts. Many people tried to register for all of the Utilities and some were allowed.

If not for Technical Service Issues to do with Servers and Security Issues. The Site would have remained active and all the linking to the Utilities and Applications would have taken place.

Unfortunately the Complete Site was compromised. It was totally hacked and backups were stolen off the servers and from personal media. Hard Drives, DVD's, SDCards, USB sticks you name it.

The site lost the domain names referencing the site included unfairly. So the project came to a halt and had to be put on the backburner with other Developments in mind.

Just recently all the sources and custom scripts are back in action and ready to go forward with complete deployment.

Technical specifications, component upgrades and compatibility issues are still a problem as well as Hackers.

The real problem was it wasn't the Hackers that were the problem it was the criminals who went through my personal computer and hard drives and stole the site. The computer and hard drives were in my apartment and there was no forced entry.

The real question is why would some real criminals do what is considered corporate espionage.  Really anything to do with computers and engineering technology is owned by Chris A Russo and is in representation of CRS even a cell phone.

Apparently whoever they were to find the files on my computers and hard drives had the passwords to get in the keys to the apartment and knew what they were looking for. Something that they could never use legally because it is all legally licensed to me.

So after a few years of forensic research having to do with services, accounts and tools within my own systems I have a pretty good feeling who it may have been.

Just with my forensic tools of this latest upgrade and some high tech software something took place that once again represented these people.

The real question is what could they really be looking for after numerous computers were stolen from my apartments and offices through the years as well as cell phones. I think they may be slightly disturbed. I would like to know your opinion.

We are now back in testing, marketing, ugrading and deployment. We will see how far we can go with before we just basically quit and release some real sophisticated Computer applications, Mobile Games and Phone Apps, which is the real reason we are evening doing

We want to make a Mobile Phone app Snogster Browser Complete which will have all the functionality of Services built into it plus many more vital assets for Mobile device enthusiasts.

So it all works together and we can have everything under the son in one app that does just about everything you would need it to do other than having Face Book.

If you would like any more General Information to what the situation of is or if you haven't looked at any of the Knowledge Base references or articles. Please Submit a Request and address your issue, concerns,likes,dislikes or anything you want.

Remember though anytype of intolerable behaviour may or may not get a response and may or may not be refernced back to the offending party.

We are trying to make a social community here that abides by all laws. So any abuse of the law would have to be handled by proper Legal Authorities.


Best Wishes and Good Luck!

Hope you enjoy the ongoing everchanging deployment and developemnt of CRS, CRS, and any affiliate programs.



Chris A Russo

Chief Developement Engineer and Owner


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