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Advertise With Us

Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 1st

We are still customizing the script to incorporate Pay Per Click Advertisement. Very Soon we will have the feature integrated. Below is an explanation of how it works.

Just Click on Advertise With Us and you will find out that Search has Google like Adwords campaign of its own. Setup your campaign. Keywords. What you want to pay per click on your ad. How you want to pay. Totally be in control of your Advertisement campaign starting at as little as  $.01/click.

With the amount of traffic that is starting to come through Search you may find it really reasonable for your marketing and advertisement campaign. Your presence to your company's website might blossom and you might profit greatly for just  dollars per day. You can set your limits of how much you want to spend.

We will allow Net Billing Terms on payment to and even extend you credit. If Business terms are met there could be an ongoing profitable relationship for both parties concerned. If you decline to meet the Business Terms established then your account will be no longer valid with

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