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 Arthur Demo. Well within Arthur Demo there are extre features connected to, Snogster Browser Complete or any App Installed within the Device.

At any time any CRYGameOBject could contain any Feature of, Snogster Browser Complete, or Any Android Application.

The frame work for just:  this->CGame produces an environment where only a CRYNetworkGameObject would be needed to run all messaging from Snogster Browser Complete Applications. can be running in Snogster Browser complete and can be accessed by touching the display where the Advertisement board for the product would bring you to Features and Services.

On Screen Controls and other Buttons on the Display especially the Star added would all be in the display.

So at the same time you are playing the game you can be  Surfing the Internet with Snogster Browser Complete using Applications for everything that you would normally do with Android OS general Applications and more.

In reality you are operating a Game that you are involved within a 3d world  that is a dynamic layer  for the Android OS or any other built OS. While Arthur is going through his life he could be helping anyone Monitor System Functions of their Operating System and Device. Getting Live News Feeds and Vidoes, Buying Merchandise from Stores Arthur goes into. Communicating with all your Contacts, Downloading Music, Listening to Live Streaming Music. There may be Bill Boards that pop up that advertise a product with Adserver and Pay Perclick would take you to your account to instantly purchase that product and get the confirmation details.

All of the Visual Representations of the CRYGameObject could use all functionality of the game to blast Audio Alert and Blast the item into the world where it is very simple to interact with the represented Service. The interactions of the CRYGameObjects could be very artistic and customizable GUI's to monitor and use the Services and Features.

One simple concept just if you as Arthur decides to check out a buyable product, while taking a moment from the game play with Adserver it could be extremeley profittable for CRS Not to mention all of the affiliate services that could be being using at the same time.

If you really need to bring whatever the Application or Service to Full Screen you can keep the game in hold mode and switch to your Application or monitor all your Applications and Services with CRYGameObjects any which way while moving around in a 3d world. You can aslo place, size, cutomize and use your services aywhere within that 3d World when selected.


Example you might place all your communications and notifications so when you look at the sun continual toy Sky writng planes are writng your messages and notifications to you. You can then select that message and respond to it. Or maybe you will leave walls of Transparent based displays to monitor everything around the sun or moon while listening to the game audio feed or change to live streaming music or live tv.

Buy, Sell, Date, Advertise or Search anything represented while completely monitoring and interacting with all your communications and operating system and device diagnostic tools  from a simple on screen game like controller touch pads and buttons.

Play a cool Game in a Wild 3d world while you do your usual tasks, events, notes and communications with just looking around for where you placed them or wanted them to be displayed by looking up, down or whatever direction they are with the controlls.

You can have the frog Navigate in His 3d World where he just moves around where at any moment you can activate your customized environement with a contol action and monitor all Services you have applied to your personalized monitoring sytem that is totally customizable.

Any way you want it. That's the way we like it. Sounds fun an is alot easier to do for any system or device available on the market.

You have to know this Frog and what his world is all about to visualize and understand what you could really accompish all day long by using a Video Game named Arthur.

Hope you can understand this concept uses everything you would need to know about Computer Science with regards to Devlopement Engineering.

Maybe you understand can see the vision clearly and will downlaod the game and use it when avaiable. Hope this Helps?




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