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Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 28th

If you are interested in Video Game Design Creation Development and Source. We may have it all for free or little too nothing. We may have the link to get you up and going. If you need Developement or Technical Support for Creating your Video Game concept we may be able to help you for free. If we can't the link to is where to go.

If you are interested in building Video Games for all Systems. I would suggest for you to use wiki and query Game Engines.

Choose what languages and specifications you desire. Then download the components.

Download the correct Devlopemnt Tools like Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition Update 1 or GCC.

Start if new to the scene building Engines from Source and implementing libraries.

Choose some simple games like pong or maybe even pacman to get comfortable with displaying graphics, character movements and other game aspects.

Then go to a 3d World and really get going with DirectX or Open GL.

I stongly Suggest if you go right into it and either Choose Unreal Engine with C++ or Unity Engine with CSharp you may find if you already understand the basics of these languages, whichever you prefer. These two Engines make it alot easier with Microsoft Visual Studio used as a compiler too deploy any type of game for any system.

If you have any questions or technical support issues read the knowledge base article Submitting a Request


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