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Submitting a Request

Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 30th

It is very simple to Submit a request for all support and services offered through Please follow the details correctly.

1. Please use a name associated with your email account or your ticket may be closed immediately.

2. Plese use a valid email address or your concerns might never reach the Specialists.

3.Pertaing to Group choose the correct one Billing,Sales, Service, Support or Other. This would make it just easier to reference for the Responsible Engineers.

4.Choose a reasonable priority level that pertains to how critical the issue is for you. If it pertains to the Utilities on the site. How critical of an issue it is for the functioning of the site. General Services  Please choose which one of the Services offered through that you are interested in discussing or submitting a request for an Engineer for.

6. Subject should be as defined as possible to the concerned area of service.

7. When filling out a message be as technical as possible in relations to what is being requested from the Support Staff. Most important for systems is full sytem specs, errors and log files. If there is code that needs to be supplied supply it. If there are errors that need to be supplied supply it. If there are links that need to be supplied supply them. Whatever the issue is please be as descriptive as possible so our Engineers know exactly what it is your are requesting or are interested in. If your details are vague you may get an immediate response from the system for more information.

Once an engineer has been assigned to the request. It will then be directly handled by that Responsible Engineer.

8. If you need to attach any files feel free to. If the file type is to large or not supported put that in your subject that you need another way to get the files to the Support Staff.

9. There may be a recurring issue with the security question. If the security question doesn't seem to be working. Skip it and just click submit. It should go through and you should get an automatic response from the system to your email that the request has been opened.

10. If it is not represented then submit it under other Service.


You wouldn't believe this but at CRS we may be able to handle not only requests for Services offered, but may have a Business Affiliate not mentioned who may be able to help or assist you with anything you don't know how to get support or assistance with. We have affiliates who may be involved with anything you would like to buy, sell, invent, make, educate yourself with, or work for. You might even want to become a Legal Business associate of CRS and earn money with CRS. Most of the time the requests that come in are handled totally free of charge. If there are Billable Services rendered you will know the cost upfront to what it will cost unless it needs to be planned, discussed, developed and implemented over a series of cummunications.

If you want to do Business with CRS within regards to Products or Services you offer. Please follow the same guidelines and Submit a Request.

So for any of our Professional Services offered you might find that we have the tools and assets to get you your self up with rocking systems, websites and applications in days. Instead of years. Not to mention really Sophisticated affiliated members who may or may not want to interface with you directly. They may prefer you are handled completely by a Responsible Engineer of CRS

Once you have successfully submitted a request the automatic email that comes to you gives you a ticket reference id number. You can then go back to and reference this ticket by your ticket number and email address. You can also add notes when requested and see all notes about your request. Even after a request has been closed it may be reopened unless CRS closes it permanetely, which is highly unususal. The only way a request will not be referenced at all if it has been totally deleted out of the system.

In general whatever your reason for contacting may be, if it is a reasonable request about anything you will get a response that may solve your problem. With other Utilities within the Community you may not even ever have to get to this point. There may be more than enough specialized help available.

Since nothing is ever the definitive answer when you want to find out from the most qualified people that there is known about any issue you may want to address it here. Our affiliates are some of the most sophisticated people ever to be known with all branches of anything academically you can study.

Feel free to contact us anytime, with any idea, suggestion, comment or problem. if it can't be resolved through regular company contacts,  internet services, content then that's where our Professional Services Team excels and knows from experience how to get the Mission completed tailoring your Mission to meet your expectations and goals to provide you with the support and service that will make you a full community member.


If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly by the contacts below. I will personally respond to you.


Best Wishes and Regards-


Chris Russo Owner CRS 


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