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Arthur Virtual 3d Demo Game with CRS Concept of CRYNetworkGameObject

Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 30th

One last thing! Arthur is a Demo Video Game Concept referenced in a knowledge base article within The game consists of CRYGameObjects well there is a concept I want to explain. Within this game there may be CRYNetworkGameObjects. They may be all you need to Utilize any Internet Service and Utility on any Device Running any Operating System. Where you could use any features of Internet Search and Utilities . You may utilize and customize any Services or affiliate programs available. There will be a downloadable application called Snogster Browser Complete which has many Essential System Tools and Application built in. You can become a member and affiliate of ours or any of these affiliate programs offered by Large Companies and Buy, Sell, Trade and Advertise right with or use any Service known to the internet while running a Virtual 3d World Networked CRS concept game called Arthur. It is really like having your own CRYOS or CRS Virtual System running on your Device using anything available within Computer Applications any which way by customizing your Demo Game Arthur and connecting to all of your wanted Services with CRYNetowrkObjects. The CRYNetworkObjects are completely encrypted and secure to be used by an authenticated individual through your MUID or Member User Identication code. So for most systems there are certain Biometerics involved and other personalized authorization techiques used where no one other than you can Utilize your Services from your devices and cannot get access to your Communications because all are done within your CRYNetoworkObjects.

If you want to understand CRYGameObjects and what a CRYNetworkObject is goto and buy and download the Application. Install the Engine. Goto the Market Place and Install the Free Sample Game SDK. When you look at the code of the Sample Game you will figure out How to implement a CRYNetworkGameObject. You will also figure out how to release your own Demo Game. You may want to become an affiliate of CRS and use CRS's connection to their CRYNetworkGamoObjects and utilize all of our Services and Utilities available with your own any way you want to as a subscribed member to CRS for $2 and then submit a request at for any Internet Service or Utility represented by CRS

You might want to have us give you your own Sim World that you can fully customize and integrate into Arhtur and CRS with your own Custom Designed CRYNetworkGameObjects for your representation of your Business or Internet presence. It could be as easy as downloading Arthur and in Arthur's world there is a CRS Photo Booth maybe known as a CRS Concierge that your player goes into where you transform yourself from your player into a CRS member and personalized 3d Graphical Image representation of yourself. You could then do Business as Usual in this Virtual 3d world just like walking down the street and saying hello to one of your friends.

Know you become a Player in a Virtual 3d World interating with CRYGameObjects and CRYNetoworkedGameObjects supplied to you by being a member of CRS.

Walk, Talk, Shop, Buy Sell, Trade, Advertise anything, use anything available. You could download Arthur become a memebr of CRS and within a Virtual 3d World run into your future Boss, Future Professor, Future Relationship friend or companion and interact with a verifed confirmed identity of anyone who becomes a member of CRS. Just running Arthur you can do busiess as usual you might want to represent something of your self in your own Player Model and convey that message personally to any of your followers or anyone you might want to become friends with.

The basic fact is anyone who reads this post may easily be able to figure out with just using CRS and a Demo Video Game Arthur you could by really understanding all the concepts within CRS Internet Search and Utilities. Easily have something designed for you to make a living. Get something fixed for you to make life easier. Or just Hookup with a concept that you are interested in that could change your future.

It could be as easy as walking up to a 3d Player Model and asking her if she wants to have a cup of coffee or a bite to eat and because of your Socail Services and Profile. That person may contact you back and you made your match in love and warfare.

Everybody needs somebody so making friends you might run into the right business opportunity right in a Virtual 3d Sim City on a Sim World.

You could really run into anyone. Introduce yourself and if it is ok with them immediately wherever you may be Video Chat with them, Get their contact informtion. Any question you ask anyone may be an advertisement for themselves which may be a business or a service that they have established on the Internet.

The service that you or they have might want to turn into a Virtual 3d Store or Advertisement that is reprsented in a Demo Level in a Well Known Virtual 3d City in Arthur. Easy to do evrything is represented as CRS Services. You just use the Services available and become a member of CRS and then you find an available spot to put whatever your business advertisement or message is just by configuring your CRS Based Concept CRYNetworkGameObject to any of your customized displayed notifications, advertisements or shops.

Why not just do your work at your office and walk down the street in your Demo Game to Starbucks and see somone you been looking for for a while and see whats up. Right from your Desk on any device using any operating sytem.

The Only thinng you have to do is become a member of CRS for $2 and it all can be pennies away for any custom Service or Development within Arthurs Virtual 3d World, Your own Virtual 3d World or this One.


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