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Just a Suggestion for Anyone especially students who want to learn!!!

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So Everyone is involved with technology and most people have computers and the internet. So for people who want to have their systems run more stably and avoid Professional Services Support. I would suggest the following.

Any of these great pentium or i3 systems that are real cheap right now!

A account

A account

A account

A Account

Android Studio and SDK Manager with the NDK

Windows 10 Home-Professional

Any Game Engine that uses distribution to any system based with C/C++ and C# for Windows GUI Plugin Support

Especially a account and pay for the Engine and Support

All Tools free and paid for by

Task Manager always open

 Try these two domains to geat into a great software community 


If you are educationally inspired and want to ace a Nasa Test. I would suggest you do something with all of the concepts here!! 

Put it to use and just get your own complete knowledge from Sparky Cross Platform Game Engine


With these tools you will know exactly how your system is running and can give any Tech Support representative the easiest amount of information to diagnose your problems and if you are interested in learning this stuff. The world is yours.

If you really want to get a good job.  Understanding the way your system runs with the outputs with all of the above running at the same time is essential for the Basic user to, whatever you may want to become. Only if you like Computer Science and Engineering.

If you have any questions about this feel free to Submit a Request about recommendations for additional Sources after you have added all of these components. Total cost $500 Max


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