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Auctions are now payable through PayPal!!

Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 31st

Well if you have your merchant and have an item to Sell/Trade,Auction or just have your own forwarded to your store it will cost you one dollar for 1 item per month.

So to keep things straight here we have 2 products connected an Auction site which you may use. You may have a store registration and subscription and do both and also Post and Advertise your Merchandise  if it is yours digitally.


To get here easily is just or you may click the full link here.

We hope you will come and register. Just so you know we are going to rap up the whole project and put it into an overlay system where you can moitor and maintain all of your devices and applications with a different type of Social Media.

If you haven't known when you search on through the Auctions database you may find anyhing anywhere. Since ceratin services pick up my content. Your product co touch the world!!



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