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Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 30th

Hi all. Glad you have found your way here. is a versatile Search Engine pulling relevant Search Engine results and putting them together all in one place. also uses the reference to the company as Internet Search and Utilities. There are many Utilities built into or what you might call Applications.

The Utilities Icon or Applications Icon  imgs  is the reference to the links of the Utilities or Applications that are currently being released. The project is always changing and more and more Internet Search Utilities and Internet Utilities or Applications are being tested, built, designed and deployed. Especially custom scripts to drive the whole project. is a Home Page where users can join and become a member of the community and enjoy membership benefits.

Click on the Image above in the home screen whatever type of device you are using and you will see some of the Utilities or Applications that are currently part of

Just a reminder has:

Auctions- just like ebay with many different features, selling options and pricing options.

Classifieds- Just like Craig's List with many ways to sell and advertise and many other features.

Dating- Not another Dating Site. The Dating site at Snogster Dating has so many built in features and custom  

scripts  working behind the scenes. You may find Instant chats, video chats, match making, user shared unlimited  

video and audio group sharing, an Interactive community Forum section, it's own community Classifieds and

auctions section built in, A group chat area and 100's of games. Our Mission is to provide the best full

community experience for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately we can not give the site for free admission.

Due to laws and Legal issues we must verify identities as being not fraudulent even if the membership could be

$2 for a year, with a valid payment method.


Shops- You can Sell any item that you wish with your own shop already setup for you. You can have your own domain and forward it to your own custom shop. Selling unlimited amount of items of any legal type at the most reasonable startup expense ever seen. All transactions are invoiced in your own custom administration panel and the shipping method is chosen by the buyer of your item and all calculated and referenced for you.

Why pay a fortune for developing a commercial Merchant Site and all the headaches that come with Merchant accounts when you can start up in minutes and depending how much you sell. could make less than a dollar per item. Take in mind all development, hosting and support is handled fro you for free.

Literally you can be your own business for the price of a domain. The price of your item. The fees associated with starting up a shop. The fees per item sale and the Taxes, which are all documented for you by So if you have anything you want to sell Digitally or Physically try it out.

There are many other Utilities or Applications that are offered through these are just a few reasons to become a community member. If you have anything you would like to see integrated within you can Contact Us with your suggestions. If we feel we haven't already covered that area or want to become a Business affiliate with you, then that will take place.

If you are interested in anything above mentioned and need more information see the Knowledge Base Article Submitting a Request. That article will explain things more in depth. You can contact us any which way you feel like, but most likely for our own records we would just have you Submit a Request anyways.

Best Wishes and Good Luck!!

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