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Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 30th is not just a website with Internet Search and Internet Utilities or Applications.

We develop Websites, Do Onsite Hardware Repair if possible, Software Technology of all types.

We are currently building custom applications for anytype of device and also Games not limited to Playstation, X-Box or any other type of Machine.

We do provide Technical Support for any Service provided. We emphasise we are a Support and Service company and will do our best to provide Professional Services for not only Technology and Engineering based concepts, but for just about anything you might Submit a Request about. If it exists then somewhere someplace there is a CRS affiliate or friend who will have the correct solution, answer or Business established to help you overcome your dilemma.

Just click on Submit Request and use the dropdown for Services to see what is available to Submit a Request about.

Feel free to read the Knowledge Base Article Submitting A Request to fully understand the process more in depth.

Whether you are using any of our Services, Want to use our Services or Want Us to become a legal Business affiliate of yours that article will help you understand the basic concept for which we expect to be contacted about anyways.


Best Wishes and Good Luck!

Enjoy the Site and hopefully we can provide you with a Professional Solution for your concept or dilemma. Maybe we can just provide you with some cool apps and games for your phones.


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