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Smail Coming Soon

Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 23rd

The mail web interface that will be is still being created to comply with the site requirements that we adhere too. Just like Other Internet Services. You will for free be able to register You will be able to gain access to your email anywhere in the world for free.

It was another offering of in 2003. We had many requests to provide the smail service to users and could not at the time due to other restrictions. In 2012 we had running and it had a great interface. Unfortunately as posted in another knowledge base article the outcome was we lost the source. 

We are now working with our affiliates to give the correct look, feel and requirements of a quality solution with our own representation, style, theme and logo.

Check back with this article and their will be an update to when it will be released. Most likely in less than 3

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