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On Site Hardware Support

Author: Chris Russo Engineer - Date Added: 30th

We feel comfortable that on are own or with one of our qualified representatives. We can get you up and running. We have simple straight forward concepts that will troubleshoot and identify the problem from the simplest device to the most sophisticated project.

A complete description of the scenario must be given to our Support Engineers so we can determine what minimally the problem could be. We may ask for many pieces of information that would help us pre-qualify and troubleshoot your situation before one of our Hardware Support Representatives would be dispatched to you.

Some issues may not be as simple as they seem and we have a proven system for troubleshooting and analyzing the scenario potentially before a Service Representative even has to come On Site to your location. Of Course we would have to have a Representative, Affiliate or Associate who can get to your location.

If you feel you need this service please read the article Submitting a Request to understand minimally what we are lookiing for to pre-diagnose your problem. When this is done the savings in cost to the consumer without having already in place a Service and Support contract with CRS could be substantial.

Once it is determined that a Hardware Support Representative will come out to you, then feel comfortable that you will know what the base cost to you could be. Most requests for a Hardware Representative can result in the base hourly fee of $80/hr. Some instances for the regular consumer may be half of that.

One thing to remember is that if the problem is diagnosed correctly by collecting the important information there may be no charge. A simple link to the solution, a proceedure to take place or a piece of software that can be given to you with detailed instructions may be on the house. If this is the case then donations are always welcome.

Just remember Computer Device Troubleshooting requires sophisticated concepts with not only how the Hardware is functioning but also how and what the Software is and what may or may not be causing the issue. It could be many factors escpecially with Hacking, Spyware, Malware, Trojans and Straight out Viruses.

We reccomend to anyone to keep all important files on other types of secure media and do regular backups of your systems. When a virus hits that does not have an antedote it is always easier to do a Hardware based test and establish the Hardware is not the issue. In this case the best solution is to do a fresh install of your environemnt or sometimes upgrade.

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