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Professional Services could get involved with any area of CRS Most issues related to are not professional services other than the design and implementation of custom software and solutions. CRS does not only build System applications but also is targeting other types of Platforms. We are interested in deploying Games and Applications on all types of devices, but concentrating on our own current base of software to be distributed and released for the cell phone industry.

Needless to say if you really have a need for Professional Servicces then a full business relationship must be established and it may be costly. If you read all of the CRS Knowledge Base Articles then you might understand any and all of the concepts could come into play anywhere within. This could really take place if you have certian integrated components that you want to Research, Design, Manufacture and Distribute. There are a lot of Legal aspects to this type of invention process. We have a relationship locally with Attorneys who have handled this scenario before on our behalf.

CRS is a legally established consulting entity, which can consult, design and implement anything. It is solely owned by Chris A Russo and anyone represnting CRS has to be a legal affiliate of CRS or they cannot represent anything or any concept that is CRS's. CRS is dong business as and if you do a basic whois of you will find is owned solely by CRS.

SInce some of the Services are connected directly to Services handled by CRS represnts CRS With the Internet presence of we have a full CRS presence also and always have. officially became registered and owned by CRS in 2000 and has been used in several different successful marketing attempts since then. is also owned by CRS and just forwards to for the moment, but there may be other Snogster.extensions or should I say subdomains.snogster.extensions which may be in use.

Any Business that wants to get involved with our entity should minimally read this Knowledge Base Article and Submit a Request to CRS and become a legitimate affiliate as these Simple Business Terms were established by CRS in the late 70's Legally. When Chris A Russo was 7 Years Old. This is why you may see visually a Seven in the Logo of this site as other numbers combined and overlayed.

If you are really unsure which area to contact with regards to CRS or even with the Services dropdown menu, which supplies what is currently in operation. Feel free to contact Chris A Russo directly at the below contact information.

Thanks and Best Wishes. I hope your Goal is so High we can help you achieve it.



Chris A Russo

Chief Developement Engineer and Owner CRS and


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